Creating Art @ Home: guidelines 3 easy steps!

Since 1991

Step 1: Organise Art Paper for each artist

The Art Paper is designed specifically for our products - if you do not use either of the options below it will cause reproduction issues. 

Best option: Print Art Paper

  • Download: our art paper (click here)
  • Print: using white A4 paper
  • Print Settings: Select Page Size: Actual Size (see example)

Option 2:  Recreate Art Paper

  • Review: our guidelines (click here)
  • Create: using white A4 paper
  • Check: it should look like this (check)

Alternatively, pictures can be created using a computer

Step 2: Create the art

  • School guidelines: if a teacher has provided ideas, please follow their instructions.
  • Inspiration: If you are in need of ideas, we have an art library with 50 videos, designed specifically for your calendar art.  Visit our library here.
  • Important: There are a few things artists must pay attention to, see below.
If you cannot read the below, please click on them to enlarge

Step 3: Name the art

  • Artist name & age: The student should write their name in this area
  • Arrow: On the reverse of the art, please draw an arrow showing which way is up on the picture, sometimes it's really hard to know which way is up on some creations!
  • Label: Neatly write the artists full name, room & school on the reverse of the paper.
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